Mechanical orientator

Customized system for processing pumps at high production speeds. Precise technical customization enables several formats to be processed with the same plant. Unit meeting pharmaceutical industry specifications consisting of a loading hopper to suit customer needs, an air channel and control panel. On request, the plant is supplied with a noise-damping protection.

Recommended for production rates up to 250 items a minute.


Vibrating system for pumps

Owing to the experience garnered over the years, we are able to present our standard solution for processing most of the pumps that are currently available on the market. At guaranteed speeds of 100 items a minute, several models can be processed with the same format. If for technical reasons this is not possible, owing to rapid format changes it is also possible to process many different models. With the due precautions, the integrity of the item is guaranteed, offering a compact and functional solution. The combined loading hopper that can vary according to the required autonomy, and the plant consisting of a vibrating channel, support structure, noise-damping protection and control panel make the machine a turnkey project.