This year, SARG is celebrating 20 years of activity. It was on an evening in December 2000 that four friends decided to follow their passion by putting together their skills, along with those of other colleagues – from this union, SARG was born. 

As is well known to our customers, who have allowed the young SARG to get started and grow with them, the company name is an acronym for the founders’ names:

Salvatore Buffa,

Alessandro Villa

Raffaele Ferrara 

Gaspare Lombardo.

When they came together, none of them could have imagined that SARG Orientation Technology would become a leading orientation and feeding technology company in Italy and around the world. 

SARG’s team of great employees is motivated by the same passion: fulfilling customers’ needs, combined with a strong drive to develop innovative solutions. These are our strengths, and we continuously draw inspiration for our growth from them.