SARG is going through an important renovation and expansion phase. This development process is also expressed through SARG’s new graphic design, which now features a more contemporary, future-oriented, streamlined, and linear look

Continuity with the past is symbolized by the use of the same green color, distinctive of the Company and of its sensitivity towards environmental sustainability, and by the stylized pyramid in the A of the new logo that represents what has been SARG’s passion and activity for more than 20 years: the high performance orientation of objects in industrial environment and production processes.

This is a process of transversal renewal, which also passes through a change of headquarters – with a doubling of the surface area destined for production – and through continuous investment in the training and employment of young talents in the Company.

The new logo will be featured on all our communication channels, and its purpose is to visually communicate our goal – to look to the future with confidence and with an always constructive approach.