Safety, high-quality standards, strict regulatory requirements, manufacturing speed and cost-effectiveness: industrial automation needs in the pharmaceutical sector are many and are all equally important. The use of customized systems and custom-designed machinery created to match the specific needs of the companies make it possible to meet all these requirements, ensuring the best results, both in terms of money and quality.

In a sector such as the pharmaceutical one, where the requirements of any manufacturing process cannot disregard strict and constant compliance with meticulous regulatory and quality standards, Sarg’s part-orientation systems are a point of reference for all pharmaceutical companies looking for innovative and highly customized solutions.

Our products have been designed for filling, assembling, and fastening systems for bottles, capsules, nebulizers, and other pharmaceutical products. They guarantee high-quality and high-efficiency standards and the ability to adapt to the different manufacturing speeds and needs called for by pharmaceutical companies.


What are the most common needs in pharmaceutical industrial automation?


Industrial automation processes in the pharmaceutical sector must meet a wide range of specific needs while complying with strict protocols and constantly keeping up to date with technological and scientific innovations. The need to reduce manufacturing costs, for example, must be combined with the search for the highest feasible manufacturing speed. In the pharmaceutical sector, it must also be combined with the need to prioritize the reliability and integrity of the finished product.

The pharmaceutical sector is a particularly sensitive sector governed by strict protocols and highly controlled manufacturing environments. In such a context, it is essential to monitor the automation processes to perfection, receive immediate notifications in the case of any abnormal situation, and prevent serious issues such as the loss of manufacturing batches, increased costs, or delivery time.

For this reason, pharmaceutical companies and large multinationals operating in the sector are not interested in individual machines but in actual automation systems that must be innovative and high-tech and include smart functions for inter-machine connectivity, self-diagnostic functions, and self-configuration.


These are the advantages of using customized part-orientation systems in pharmaceutical automation


Customizing industrial systems for the pharmaceutical sector is an approach that offers clear advantages such as:

  • cost reduction in the choice of standardized solutions and not particularly on the achievement of specific results
  • the ability to choose solutions suitable for the material to be processed, the size, and the desired manufacturing speed
  • the ability to customize various stages of the manufacturing and set up diversified programs
  • low maintenance and the guarantee of quick and immediate intervention to resolve any issues.

In this specific case, using our custom part-orientation systems allows the users to benefit from high-quality pharmaceutical automation solutions characterized by attention to detail. Safety and reliability, as well as functionality and high performance, remain the most critical requirements on which we focus our commitment, but at Sarg, we always strive to achieve pleasing aesthetics in our machinery as well. The design and manufacturing of our industrial automation systems for the pharmaceutical sector and beyond have always focused on equipment design that is harmonious for inclusion in a modern and high-tech environment.


Examples of orientation systems offered by Sarg for pharmaceutical automation


Among the part orientation systems for pharmaceutical automation offered by our company are bottle, inhaler, diffuser, nasal nozzle, case, and syringe plants. We ensure complete process integrity, even when we process at high speeds.


Sarg’s products are always customizable according to specific needs. We have a highly qualified design office equipped with 3D AutoCad systems that can meet any request. Mechanical orientation machines for the pharmaceutical industry, for example, offer the possibility to process almost any type of bottle according to the desired material or manufacturing speed.

When discussing components for the pharmaceutical industry, it is always essential to consider the sector’s unique characteristics and the need to ensure maximum integrity and safety, both the production equipment and the processed parts. Therefore all the automation systems we offer are subject to thorough technical and regulatory assessments.


Which part-orientation systems are best suited for the pharmaceutical sector?


When choosing part-orientation systems for the pharmaceutical sector, it is essential to receive individualized recommendations. The machinery must be designed, reviewed, and optimized according to individual and specific needs.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. Our technical staff and specialists in the pharmaceutical sector will be able to recommend the automation solutions best suited to your needs.